Video Streaming – What to Expect

The future is here when it comes to video streaming. Consumers may not fully comprehend the changes that have taken place nor have television producers come to fully appreciate the possibilities in video streaming, but the pieces are in place for a revolution in video consumption.

DVD rental locations are feeling the shift. Now consumers can download movies to watch via their computer. No longer do they have to visit the local DVD store to see if any copies are available, nor do they have to wait on shipments from those mail order DVD firms. Nope, now they simply wait for an online download and they can begin watching in a matter of minutes.

This is the same video streaming technology that is allowing entertainment consumers the opportunity to view movie trailers and teasers for upcoming television shows.

This new thought process will also create a ripple effect for certain motel chains that have movies on demand that can be purchased for an escalated price. A PC owner can use the free hi-speed Internet service to download an enormous selection of videos and forego the motel offerings altogether.

You are able to view highlight reels of sports games and television offerings are slowly making the Internet another distribution point. In fact, the point of online video helps create a secondary platform where the entertainment consumer can also use interactive tools to find out more about characters, behind the scenes footage and character blogs.

It is conceivable that there will be a merger between your computer and television that can allow the two to interact in a way that brings more clarity to what you watch and more features for you to consider.

It is conceivable that in the future consumers will no longer be bound to a specific timeframe to view their favorite shows. The show will simply be made available on a certain date and downloaded (possibly through an RSS feed and viewed at the convenience of the consumer). The show may then be archived for future referral. Abbreviated highlights of shows are also likely for those who simply want a recap of events without watching the entire program.

Newspaper and radio have already moved headlong into the world of online connections it is simple logic that says television will do the same.

It would seem our brains are being trained to find a way to connect our interests and the Internet is the most viable proving ground for bring everything together. This is true in our homes and it is true on the road with laptops, Blackberries and iPhones.

Video streaming will continue to provide a comprehensive means of bringing on demand consumers entertainment choices in a way that more closely fits their lifestyle.

DIY Digital Movie Distribution For Short Content

It has never been a better time to be an independent filmmaker. Digital movie distribution continues to increase the opportunity for indie movies to be seen while helping creators make money from their hard work. It’s an entertainment win-win situation.

Content creators can instantly connect with viewers across the planet and in turn viewers can get instant access to a massive choice of original programming. The global village continues to expand the reach of entertainment.

I was reading a story in the Los Angeles Times Business section, for whatever reason I still like to get my news in print, that “Apple TV to fight Google” for a large piece of the booming market of streaming content from the Internet to your home entertainment center. According to the article nearly 40% of consumers polled said they wanted to connect their computers to their television to watch online video.

That’s awesome for independent producers because without content there is nothing for people to watch. I saw a show with Vanguard correspondent Christof Putzel doing an interview with Wicked Pictures Steve Orenstein who made great points. When streaming content online there will always be piracy of entertainment.

But after a while when people no longer pay for content, then producers will stop spending money to create content, and then what is there to pirate at the end? Wedding videos? Viral videos? Viewers will always want quality entertainment in my opinion.

When speaking about DIY digital movie distribution it might turn a few readers off to mention the porn industry. But I would be doing readers an injustice if I didn’t. Adult entertainment has earned a proven reputation as cutting-edge media technology explorers. Mainstream media companies often look to the black sheep of the entertainment for what’s going to be the next big thing (no pun).

One independent digital product delivery company that is a true friend to producers with short videos is Digital Product Delivery. They provide a way for an indie filmmaker to be their own distributor.

It’s a rock and roll service that is fully transparent on being paid. You see your sales and you see what you earn. Instead of giving away high quality produced content on a viral video website you can offer your work for a price you set. This is indie filmmaker Sid Kali typing SMASH CUT:

Streaming Video to HTML Tool – Convert Videos to Web Format Now!

Streaming Video to HTML Tool is probably the best way for you to quickly and easily add video(s) onto a Site without the frustration involved with it. When you see how this technology works you quickly understand how effective and beneficial it is for almost any Website owner. Learn about the latest Video-to-Web techniques and how they are about to generate a lot more incoming traffic for you.

Quick overview

If you ever wondered how it works then Streaming Video to HTML Tool takes your videos one by one or as batch and converts those to a very popular format called: Flash-Video or .FLV. The next step will be adding a very short html code to your targeted page and then uploading the new files onto your Webhost server. This encoding process transforms files into streaming webvideos – they enable the user to start viewing them without first completely downloading the entire file.


This technology undoubtedly provides several important advantages:

* Easily upload family movies to share with relatives and friends.
* Multiple (batch) video-files conversion all at once.
* Compressing raw movies to 10% or less of their original file size!
* It enables you to be more creative and persuasive.
* Branding your Webmovies with your own text and/or logo.

There are probably many other advantages provided by this unique program simply because it offers so many additional opportunities for webmasters.

Article summary

This technology is highly popular these days due to the fact that Streaming Video to HTML Tool requires almost no special technical knowledge or resources from the user’s side in order to create Flash-Videos. It is time for action, so at this point it is highly advised to try it by yourself in order for you to enjoy the benefits that it offers.